[Video] What Role Does Multimedia Play on Social Media?

It’s a battle to capture the attention of your potential guests and social media is the trenches.

With the popularity of social media, we are blasted with so many messages, but so little time to grasp them all. So, how do you seize the attention of your travel shopper?

Listen to Dimitri Gaucher, Digital Field Marketing Manager at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, as he explains the role multimedia plays in standing out on social media.

If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what he said:

“I think that multimedia is generally the most important aspect of a hotel getting on social media. As you know, everyone’s time is a luxury nowadays, and we are constantly bombarded with messaging from all directions. Therefore our attention is limited and we will only give it to the brands that deserve it. This is also a key factor in the kind of growing visual culture in today’s generation of travelers. This is actually why Facebook is constantly evolving, for example, to put more emphasis on visuals, and it explains all the success of other platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest. The hotel storytelling strategy on social media should always revolve around entertaining and engaging social media content, such as photos and videos. It plays a pivotal role in your storytelling strategy on social media.”

In today’s day and age, posting photos and videos on social media just isn’t enough. Dimitri explains, there is a growing visual culture in today’s generation of travelers, hence to win the attention of your guests you must immerse them with interactive media on all social media platforms. Brands like Loews Hotels and Resorts have taken their social media presence to another level with their creative “#TravelForReal” campaign, in which they use high quality Instagram photos instead of professional ones in their ads.

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